I was responding to a friend's comment on our new video and I decided to expand on it, I want to seize this opportunity to express my gratitude and praise to you all. It's kind of long winded so for those in a hurry the gist of it is: we made The FUzZ Box what it is today together, I applaud and thank you all!

I am currently facing some of the biggest challenges in this chapter of my journey. I've always had a hard time asking for help, or accepting it when offered. Luckily it has come to me unsolicited and just in time !! I feel blessed to be recognized for my efforts, passion and sacrifices!

Of course none of it would have been possible without the loyalty, appreciation and understanding of our outstanding and gracious customers and the exceptional family of employees I've been privileged to work with for almost 5 years now!!

Whether it be lending an ear when I express my bewilderment at how far we've come, often near (passed) the point of bragging. Or sharing a memory, a smile..... even a laugh, perhaps over an embarrassing tale from the past, on days I thought I would have to fake every smile,as I was disheartened, confounded or angry that a, setback, obstacle or challenge seemed insurmountable.

I've seen people offer strangers food from their plate to help with their choice of food, or just because it's so good they don't want them to miss out. I've seen old friends reunite unexpectedly. I've seen new friendships forged. The excitement for the opportunity to finally share the awesome experience that is donair, with the people they care most about. I've listened to joyful reminiscence of almost forgotten nostalgia. I've fed expecting parents and later their children. I've fed people on there wedding day, I've seen people come to eat after attending a loved ones funeral in celebration of them.

I've grown, and learned so much from all of you and I've come to realize that cooking is not my passion, but the resulting happiness of your experiences and food here, hopefully making your day better for visiting us and consequentially everyone who you interact with after your visit, like a ripple or butterfly effect. I think it's the best contribution I can make to the world. Not too shabby for a broke pothead from the Valley huh? I kid...

It's the only restaurant I've worked in where a phone call starting with " I just got this dish at your restaurant..." is more often to express their satisfaction and gratitude than to complain. Speaking of complaints, I love that you are comfortable to voice them with the understanding we will use them to improve, rather be offended and dismissive of them. That comfort is also evident when approximately 95% of customers, including first timers will come to the kitchen to say goodbye if I'm too busy cooking to come out and bid them farewell. These things make it not just easy, but a pleasure to serve you and they are all daily reminders that together we have nurtured and molded The FUzZ Box into such a special place. Congratulations!!! In fact I don't think of you as customers or even guests, rather as my company, and from this perspective The FUzZ Box is your company! I love you all, and will keep doing my best to exceed expectations, and create smiles and full bellies!!!

- Neil